Camping Cookware Stocking Up On For My Summer Trip

 Camping cookware is a necessity for my summer trip. And it has been an adventure in its self. First of all finding, the right camping cookware for my whole family is quite the task. I have been planning a summer adventure out in nature for a while now and I have been really excited about it.

camping cookware

Open Country Dinnerware Backwoods 26 Piece Camp Kit

My family and I are all getting together at a national park in Colorado. In addition, we can’t wait to see each other and to have some quality bonding time. Most of all we are planning on staying about a week there and doing a backpacking trip.

Get prepared with camping cookware

While getting prepared with camping cookware for the trip is something that we have all been taking very seriously for some time. First of all, backpacking can get pretty intense and I am not an experienced person. When it comes to backpacking, I need to make sure that I have the right supplies. I also shop online for my essentials and this has worked really well for me so far. Furthermore, there are a great many places to check out online to find quality and affordability.

Getting some good camping cookware will be important for our backpacking outing. I will need to get something lightweight that will be really easy for me to carry mile after mile. Finally, the camping cookware also will need to be durable and that will be easy to clean as well. My camping kit that I want can be used for myself or service for several friends. I hope to find one that has several pots and pans and maybe a coffee pot. I can’t wait to find my cookware and all of the rest of my essentials for the trip. Starting my planning now will make things much easier in the future.

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Big Agnes Sleeping Bag Keeps Me Cozy In Nature

sleeping bag

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag

My Big Agnes Sleeping Bag keeps me cozy in nature. First of all, I am always looking for ways to get some refreshing rest and to stay perfectly cozy and comfortable out in nature. It is something that I really love to do. My brother and I are always planning a new adventure. We are always looking forward to doing a challenging hike. Or taking a camping trip and getting some good bonding in.

With the right supplies.

We can stay comfortable in any weather. Furthermore, we are both pretty hard-core when it comes to our outdoor adventures. We don’t usually let the imperfect weather stop us from doing what we want to do. We have gone hiking and backpacking in the snow, in the rain, and in the heat of the summer and we always stayed comfortable.

Therefore do to the right camping and hiking supplies like a Big Agnes sleeping bag. My brother and I can always stay comfortable and be well-rested for the journey ahead. We often are hiking many miles each day of our outdoor adventures. So we really need all of the fuel and rest that we can get. We rely on having a  sleeping bag and tent helps us to get refreshed. In conclusion, therefore, I can’t wait to plan my next outing with my brother.

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Emergency Blanket Is Great For The Car

An emergency blanket is great for the car. I like to stay prepared for a variety of emergencies. And having some good supplies handy really helps me to have peace of mind. I like to be prepared at home, in the car, in the office, and anywhere that I can find myself in a bad situation.     

Having an emergency blanket in the car.

emergency blanket

Emergency Blanket

Because having some good emergency supplies handy means that I can be prepared for the unexpected.

I like to keep a lot of emergency supplies in the car. And they help me to really have some good peace of mind and to stay worry-free. I have already had to use a variety of supplies in my car. Furthermore, they have really saved the day many times. My car is an older car and despite the maintenance that I do, it can break down every now and then.

In conclusion, an emergency blanket and some other supplies in my car can help me to be prepared at all times. I never know if my car will break down in the middle of nowhere when it is below freezing outside. The blanket may save my life. And I am so happy that I found a great one that I can keep in my car. I have been recommending it to others as well.

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Alcohol Burner Is A Must For Our Backpacking Trips

camping stoves alcohol burner

Alcohol Burner

Alcohol burner is a must for out backpacking trips due to the lightweight and easy packing. I love venturing out into the wild with my brother. And we are always looking for some handy new products to help us to make the most of each and every outing. Furthermore, we love to go on some fun backpacking trips and to experience the beauty and the serenity of nature. Challenging ourselves out in the wild has been a passion of ours.

While finding some good backpacking supplies has helped my brother and me to be prepared for any kind of outing and to always have what we need for our convenience and our safety as well. We love to shop online for some new backpacking and camping products for our needs. These kinds of products are an essential for us.

In conclusion, with some handy supplies like our alcohol burner, we can enjoy some fulfillment out in nature. The burner that we use gives us an easy way to cook out in the wilderness and we make sure that we always take it with us. It has a small size, which makes it easy for us to take it with us in our backpacks. The burner is also very efficient. I don’t know how we would have our amazing meals without this burner. 

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Flint Fire Starter is More Reliable than Matches When Outdoors

Flint fire starter is more reliable than matches when out camping or hiking in the wild. While many people go camping on a regular basis. Very few of these people know the first thing about surviving in the wilderness.

outdoor fire starter

Flint Fire Starter

If you are out in the wilderness and are really stranded, it isn’t like a camping trip. You cannot rely on matches or a lighter to necessarily be what gets that fire started either. While matches or a flip lighter can be great for most camping trips. You will want something you can really rely on out in the wilderness.

For those who go backpacking and purposefully go far out into the woods where safety is several days away, it is generally best to make sure that you don’t rely on matches or a lighter to start your fire. Temperatures can become dangerous very quickly. So it is essential for you to have the ability to create a fire even if matches and a lighter might fail you.

It is a great idea to carry a flint fire starter as a backup to any kind of fire starter you might be taking with you. As long as you know how to use a flint fire starter. You should be able to keep yourself a lot safer by being able to create fire anywhere. Flint works even in wet conditions which makes it so much better than a box of matches.

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Bear Grylls Knife Always Goes Camping With Me

Camping Knivers Bear Gryllis Knife Fixed Blade

Bear Grylls Knife

I always take my Bear Grylls Knife camping with me. If I am going to be out camping for any amount of time. Therefore, I try to make sure that I am able to have just the right items on hand to make sure that I am able to survive with no problems.

First of all, there are a lot of fantastic kinds of items that I can use on a regular basis just to make sure that I am able to take excellent care of myself all of the time.  So I never go camping or spend any time outdoors, if I don’t have my Bear Grylls knife with me all of the time. While it is so important for me to be able to have just the right kinds of items that I can use to survive all the time.

The Bear Grylls Knife by Gerber has had a lot of talks.

About how really good it is for survival and in its quality, Gerber has addressed those issues. In addition, I like that it is a fixed blade and stainless steel. Furthermore, the rubberized handle fits nicely in my hand and I have used it to pound things like tent stakes. I tried out the whistle, it has a dull monotone sound that I don’t think would travel very far, so I replaced it. The instructions for survival are very small and not totally complete. It is best to brush up and know how to survive, from the start. The fire starter is useful as far as that goes. It is always a good idea to have an extra fire starter of some kind. You never know, you might need a fire for warmth, or to keep wildlife away, food, emergency signals.

A knife is really the starting point for me. It is extremely important that I can survive if at any time I am attacked or lost somewhere. So by having a knife on hand, I feel that I am really able to enjoy myself. Just in relaxing a lot more knowing I have a backup plan.

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Coffee Percolator Prepares Delicious Coffee Daily

Do You Take A Coffee Percolator?

When I am out camping, I have to make sure that I have a coffee percolator so that I can prepare coffee all of the time since I simply cannot get up in the morning and be alert without a great cup of coffee. It is so important for me to have coffee, that I have to make sure that I can bring the right kind of device to create coffee while camping. It might not be fancy coffee, but it is good enough for me.

Since I have been working hard trying to make sure that I can keep the coffee flowing when I am out camping, I generally enjoy bringing a special camping coffee

coffee percolator

Coffee Percolator

percolator with the right kind of coffee that I can use out there. With a coffee maker that works, I can create as much coffee as I want whenever I need it. It doesn’t matter what you use for heat a camp stove or just over a campfire. I usually want coffee first thing in the morning so I just fire up the camp stove. When night falls the percolator usually ends up in the campfire, while we are having fun eating our smores.  One tip I learned over the years is to take an extra coffee percolator. Take out the filter and make hot chocolate for those who want some. Please, please don’t forget to bring more marshmallows too! I like to drop a candy peppermint in mine.

It is wonderful being able to go camping and not having to worry about missing out on some great coffee. I am able to enjoy my camping trips so much more when I have a fantastic coffee percolator that I can use all of the time. I do share sometimes.


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Dog Collar Light Keeps My Dog Visible

Dog Collar Light

Dog Collar Light

Using a Dog Collar Light Keeps My Dog Visible camping after dark.

A light on my dog’s collar was the answer. When I go out camping with my dog (Captain), I want him to be visible and safe. He needs to be comfortable as possible and safe on the trip. He was born deaf, but I communicate to him with hand signals. I pack his food dish and water bowl. To keep him warm inside the tent there is his favorite blanket and pillow. Each day I have different toys that he enjoys so that he is not bored at any time. Whenever he goes outside and enjoys camping with me, I have to have him ready for what is out there. He also enjoys swimming and splashing in the water and taking long walks.

One of the things that have often bothered me the most is that if my dog goes off into the bushes at night. He can be really hard to track down since Captain is a black dog. To help solve this problem, I began to look for a lot of different kinds of items that I might be able to use on his collar. To make it a bit easier I attach a small bell to the collar. Then I found a light that attaches to a collar. There were some great dog collar light options out there just for this.

When my dog wears a light like this on his collar, I know I will be able to easily keep my dog a lot safer on a regular basis. It is going to be excellent managing to keep my dog lit up nicely so that I can actually track him down when he goes wandering in the evening while we are camping.

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How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter

How to use magnesium fire starter. If you are like me, sometimes a little instruction helps. You ask yourself how in the world am I suppost to start a fire with this thing?

This Magnesium fire starter is perfect for a backpack, pocket, vehicle, camping, boating. Use as a back up fire starter. Have you ever gotten matches wet, or can’t find your lighter, or in need of an emergency fire for survival? It is best to have more than one type of fire starter  when you go on any outdoor adventure.

Instructions For Using A Magnesium Fire Starter

It shows you have the magnesium block in one hand and take a knife, turn the blade upward at about 90° angle and scrape to make a pile of shaving about the size of a quarter.

Next turn the magnesium block over with the sparking insert up at a 45° angle and using the back side of your knife (not the blade). Then scrape the magnesium block to make sparks to sit your tinder on fire.

First of all, gather your tinder like twigs, dried grass, leaves, birds nest, paper, oil soaked cloth, dryer lint, ahead of time. This way you can keep adding tinder to build up your fire. Before trying to start your fire, gather more wood than you think you might need.

Also start your fire in a clearing so you don’t set everything thing on fire. 

In conclution, knowing how to use the magnesium fire starter, could save a life in an emergency situation for comforting heat, cook food, and drying your clothes.  Takes a little practice to get the hang of it.

How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter

How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter


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Campfire Ring Enjoy Cozy Bonding Time


A campfire ring is something I like to enjoy time with friends. There is nothing like enjoying some quality time in the fresh air and away from the hectic pace of my everyday life.

Campfire Ring Enjoy Cozy Bonding Time

Texsport Campfire Ring

Camping is one of my favorite outdoor activities and is something that I have been enjoying for a long time. After I go on a camping trip, I somehow feel refreshed. Most of all I have a new perspective on life and on my problems. I also get a more relaxing deep sleep outdoors.

Camping is a great way for me to get away from my busy life and I love to do it with some of my friends or with family. My brother is just as into the outdoors as I am. I love to go on camping adventures with him and some of our mutual friends. As a result, we always have a great time bonding with awesome friends.

Campfire ring conversation

Having late-night conversations around the campfire is something that I am always looking forward to. This is one of my favorite parts of camping. I have an awesome campfire ring that I love to use for some cozy nighttime fun. The ring is a great decorative item and is a great way to keep our campfire contained. By using the campfire ring not only keeps the fire contained. Fires spread quickly and turn into a wildfire when someone is careless. Each year millions of acres are burned because of careless campers regarding campfires every year. Only you can prevent a forest fire!

The ring is not only great for staying warm, it works well for grilling some yummy campfire treats as well. To me, a campfire gives a mesmerizing, comforting effect, and keeping wild animals away that you can’t see at night.

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