My Midland Two Way Radio Can Help Me in a Pinch

Midland Two Way Radio

Midland Two Way Radio

A Midland two way radio is great for communication with your friends. When I go hiking with my buddy, we always bring along some precautions. First of all, a first aid kit is a must. Whether we’re scaling walls or just hiking up hills, you never know when the worst could happen. You need to have a way of treating injuries on the go. In addition, a method of communication is also necessary. A lot of the places we go don’t have great phone reception, so we actually depend on a two-way radio to help us out a lot of the time.

The Midland two way radio we use works really well, though. There are 22 selectable channels, and it has a 24-mile range. Whenever I use it, I can always hear the other voice extremely clearly. This clear and crisp sound is what really turned me onto these radios. I can always count on them in a pinch.

In the end, I always have a lot of fun adventuring around with my buddy. We always have new stories to share once we get back. And while we have a thrilling sense of adventure when we’re out, we’re really safe about it. We’re never really in any danger since we have first aid kits and a Midland two way radio.

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