Esbit Alcohol Burner Is A Fancy Soda Can Stove

The Esbit alcohol burner is made a lot like the soda can stove.

Soda Can Stove

Soda Can Stove

The soda can stove is a homemade stove made out of an aluminum can.

It is cut several times to make a burner, just add the fuel and light. Put a pot on top and cook a fast

Esbit Alcohol Burner

Esbit Alcohol Burner

meal for one.

But the Esbit alcohol burner is extremely light and made of hard anodized aluminum. Coarse the soda can is light too, but it could get bent up or stepped on before you get it packed away.

The Esbit has a heat exchanger which makes it highly efficient. The pot has a folding handle and you can regulate the flame. You can’t regulate the flame with the soda can stove. It just burns hot. The Esbit does come with a mesh bag so you can pack-away easily because of the burner and pot stack together.

I think the Esbit alcohol burner would be a better choice in the long run for an alcohol burner. But the soda can would work in a pinch. What do you think? Please leave a comment or suggestions.


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