Our Funny Camping Experience

Dog With Stick

Dog With Stick

Camping puts you in touch with nature and allows you to relax. You can sit around the campfire telling stories, go for walk, go fishing, or even for a swim in some cases. These are all enjoyable activities. However, one of our camping trips included a funny incident that we still laugh about to this day.

We had our dog with us, as she loves to go camping as much as we do. This one day we had gone swimming, out on our boat, and had a nice supper. The dog went with us everywhere we went. We even played a game of fetch with her with sticks we found around the campsite after supper. Oh, how she loves to play with sticks. She will even do tug of war with them.

We collected some fallen branches and twigs to build a fire that night. This was permitted in the campground where we were staying. We had to break some of the branches into smaller pieces to make our campfire. While we were doing this, the dog got excited and started softly barking. I started laughing telling my hubby that she probably wanted to break the sticks along with us.

I was right! My hubby placed a small branch in front of the dog and she grabbed it in her mouth and then used her front paws to break the branch. We both howled with laughter. This was not the only branch she helped us break that night! All of us had fun getting that campfire ready that night.

This is just one example of funny things that happened to us on our camping trips. We enjoy all of our camping experiences, but none of them makes us laugh as much as the night the dog broke the branches with us for our campfire!
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