Camping Cleburne State Park For Everyone Is An Enjoyable Place

Camping Cleburne State Park For Everyone is an enjoyable place. This park is close to the DFW area here in Texas. There are cabins, tent sites, fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, biking and so much more.

Camping Cleburne State Park

Camping Cleburne State Park


Camping Cleburne State Park has all the general rules for camping. A state park pass is required. The park closes at 10 p.m. in respect for other campers. Check out is 2 p.m. No alcohol. A campsite must be kept clean and leave no trace applies. Dumpsters are provided. Pets are allowed but need to be kept on a leash and in control. Fishing is available at the lake by line and pole only. No gathering of firewood. So bring your own or buy at the store. There are screened shelters and tent sites. Many great hiking trails, bike trails, birds, and wildlife. Most campsites are shady and restrooms with showers nearby for your convenience.

Cleburne State Park Fun For The Entire Family

All the stuff needed for a great time. I used to come and hang out during high school with friends and had a great time. So there is plenty to do for the kids. We would picnic, hike and play baseball. Then after that, we would end with a swim in the lake. It has a great beach area. We would use a floating log as a pretend net and play water volleyball until we were so tired out. Then grab a snack and head for home. Some kids parents would show up in the evening at Cleburne State Park and they had cabins and tents sites rented so they would spend the whole weekend at the park. One thing we did do was over pack the cars with kids hiding in the trunk, but nothing was ever said. I don’t recommend doing that. But…kids will we kids.

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