What Would You Do With A Snake Bite Kit In New York?

What would you do with a snake bite kit in New York? The newspaper headlines read “New York hotels add camping for city slickers”.

Snake Bite Kit

Snake Bite Kit

The deal is some of the hotels are offering the chance to sleep outdoors in a tent and sleeping bag on the patio many floors up. But still have the convenience of a plush bathroom. Prices range from about $300 and up for this outdoor experience. They even get the use of a telescope to look at the stars and fixings for s’mores over the fireplace.

Is this just glamping or just something different for the bored wealthy? What about the fishing, hiking, climbing, etc? I prefer the great outdoors and trees, birds, flowers, leaves blowing in the wind over inside the cement walls , busy streets, noise, smog and whatever else they have up there.

Well ….there is one thing for sure they shouldn’t need a snake bite kit. Even if they saw one, would they just call room service, please.

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