Perfect Stove For Backpacking Is The Esbit Alcohol Burner

The Esbit alcohol burner is small and light weight, easy to use for backpacking. The fuel can be transported in a plastic bottle. The alcohol is easy to light if the match isn’t against the wind. It is best for 1 or 2 people to use.

Esbit Alcohol Burner

Esbit Alcohol Burner

Just take out your food and add a little water and have a ready meal. It is best to use the alcohol burner for just one or two people. Just be real careful because you can not see the flame during daylight. There are several wild stories about the burners getting knocked over causing some really large fires in many states. So, always clear away any leaves or grass that might catch on fire. A good strong wind could blow over your burner. I like to find a couple of large rocks to surround my burner for safety sake.

But one of the best stoves, I have found is the Esbit alcohol burner, if used in a safe manner. It uses a solid type fuel. The tablets are smokeless and odorless. The Esbit comes pretty much self-contained with a pot, lid, and the burner all in a bag. Now there are many make it yourself alcohol burners with instructions. But the Esbit is just what I like for my backpacking trips outdoors. Just remember too, the National Parks have regulations on the different types of fuel and stoves allowed. But the Esbit alcohol burner is the safer stove to use with the solid type fuel to protect nature. The Esbit can get hot fast to boil water for purification or to cook a meal. And by just using a little caution you can have a good nourishing meal just about anywhere on the trail.

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