Slumberjack Sleeping Bag Review And Care

The Country Squire, Slumberjack Sleeping Bag is a big roomy and comfortable warm bag.

Slumberjack Country Squire

Slumberjack Country Squire


  • Much warmer, than a nylon bag
  • Soft flannel on the inside
  • A removable with snaps cotton sheet for easy cleaning and helps to keep your bag cleaner
  • Canvas shell fabric is less slippery than a nylon
  • Two-layer offset construction to prevent cold spots – what that means is the stitching that attaches to the insulation to the shell fabric on one side doesn’t line up with the other side. This type of construction makes the bag warmer then a sewn through one like a nylon bag.
  • It is quieter when you move around compared to nylon
  • It has large square foot ends, so your feet are not restricted, versus other bags
  • Two-way zipper – allows you to vent your foot if they are hot
  • Has more room to move around in verses a mummy style bag
  • Fits people up to 6’6″ tall and it gives lots of room with its 42″ width
  • Outer canvas shell is heavy duty and holds up well
  • -20 degrees rating for cold nights out hunting or other winter adventures
  • Has a #10 metal zipper that works and functions smoothly with anti-snag protection
  • Can zip 2 bags of the same size together
  • Has its own zippered duffle bag
  • 1-year warranty from defects in material and workmanship
  • To prevent heat loss there is a draft tube along the zipper that also helps to keep cold air out
  • Can be used on the ground without a sleeping pad, because of the 4 pounds of synthetic insulation on the bottom half
  • Can be used indoors as a queen size blanket, or a bedding solution for house guests


  • Can be heavy and bulky
  • Can be too hot for summertime camping
  • Not recommended for backpacking due to the weight of 13 pounds
  • The outer canvas cover is less waterproof than nylon or polyester bag ( I would put some kind of Scotchguard or waterproof product on it)
  • Once it gets wet – takes a while to dry out

After a camping trip, always air out the bag for a while. Then roll it up and store in the duffle bag that it came in. You can also hang in a closet or on a shelf. To clean a bag, put in a large washing machine on gentle, with mild soap. Put in warm water and make sure it is zipped up closed. Can be washed by hand too. Then hang online or fence to dry in the fresh air. Can be put in a dryer on cold air only. Never, store a sleeping bag wet. If stored wet can cause smelly mold and bugs that can ruin the condition of your sleeping bag.  For over 50 years Sumberjack Sleeping Bag Company has been around for our adventures to make camping more comfortable.

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