Is An Emergency Blanket All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

I can see all the possibilities that an emergency blanket could be used for indoors and outdoors. To be honest I have never used one, so I bought one.

I have used foil in a mobile home on the windows. Then I saw this one house we would go past and they had the most unusual curtains. I wondered where they got them. Now I know!!

Now my grandpop would have used one for his well house and his baby chicks. Here are the many uses I came up with:

  • reflective for signaling
  • rig up beside a fire as a heat reflector
  • radiant cooker
  • catch rain
  • poncho
  • ground cover
  • hypothermia
  • wrap your cooler
  • tent roof
  • wind proof
  • privacy wall
  • curtains

An emergency blanket comes in a package about the size of a deck of playing cards, and with a little bit of effort could be a lifesaver. Put one in your vehicle, tackle box, backpack, but the emergency blanket I bought is going on my bath room window.




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