Experience All The Benefits Of A Big Anges Tent

Before you buy a tent, you need to decide, if you want a 3 or 4 season tent. Then you need to decide how many person tent and extra storage do you need. Are you going backpacking or base camp use

For the best tent you want metal poles. Fiberglass poles break and metal can bend. But don’t worry replacements can be bought.

Your going to want a tent with a waterproof rainfly. That’s like a raincoat for your tent.

Most tents come with a tub floor to keep the floor of your tent dry.

Look for tents that have loops for reflective guy lines. Make sure the zippers have storm flaps. I always like to use metal stakes.

You also want that no-see-um mesh on windows and doors to keep those tiny little bugs out. Another feature is the foot print tarp (fancy name for a ground cloth) helps to protect the floor from rocks, sticks and rough spots.

If you like all the benefits listed here and more take a Big Agnes tent on your next adventure.




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