Big Agnes Tent – Knot Tying To Anchor It Down

Have you ever gone camping and the wind blow your Big Agnes Tent all around?

Big Agnes Tent

Big Agnes Tent

Let’s say, you’re at the beach and the wind there never stops. What and how are you going to tie your tent to anchor it down? First, you need to learn some knot tying before you go. I like to fill 5-gallon buckets with beach sand and then tie the guy lines to the buckets. Those rectangular cement blocks will do the trick too. You also, don’t want to pitch your tent too close to the water, because the tide could get up and you will be floating. And of course, everything gets wet big time.

Only tie a knot that you are able to undo in a hurry. That is a number 1 rule! You can buy books, look at the library, or online instructions on knots. But the best way is to get a piece of rope and find a friend, who knows some knots. They can tell stories of experience and that kind of sticks in your head.

Just learning a few will be a big help. You can use knots to tie camping gear to your car, a tree, a backpack, a splint, fishing, boat, and the list goes on. The square knot is easy to tie and one of the strongest.

Square Knot

Square Knot

Then the sheet bend knot is learned by a little story. One is about a little rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree and takes a (you fill in the blank) and goes back in the hole.

The cinch knot and a slip knot is perfect for the guy lines on your tent. First, find a couple of trees to pitch your tent or buckets. Tie one end of the line to the loop in your tent. Then halfway down, make a loop and tie. Then go around the tree and run the line thru the loop and cinch it down with a slip knot. When tying your Big Agnes tent, watch out for the tide, you could find yourself in trouble. So, a good knot and the right knot could save a life.

Might want to read about Tent Care and Maintenance.

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