Before Backpacking Backpacks Better Plan First

Backpacking Backpacks

Backpacking Backpacks

Before backpacking backpacks it is best to plan where you will be going. Once you have decided on where you are going, check on the restrictions or bans for the area. Make sure you have a good map in case your GPS looses reception. A compass might be a good thing too. You want to pack the heavy items on top like the tent and sleeping bag. Roll your clothes up and place in the middle. And the lightest items on the bottom. Try to keep the weight to not over 75 pounds. You may have to re-pack several times to get everything in the right place. Next you want to go on long walks before the trip to get in shape, carrying the pack.

Here is my list:

  • sleeping bag
  • lightweight tent
  • flashlight
  • knee pads
  • water treatment
  • first aid
  • bug repellent
  • knife
  • shovel
  • soap
  • hatchet
  • TP (toilet paper)
  • hand sanitize r
  • clothes
  • cookware
  • mosquito net
  • rope
  • fire starter
  • snacks
  • freeze-dried food
  • fishing line, hooks
  • camera
  • identification card or wrist band
  • Sun block

Remember one of the most important things to think about backpacking backpacks is carrying a water bottle. And always tell a friend where you are going and when to expect you back.


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