Backpackers And Hikers Use Their Home Made Alcohol Burner Stoves

alcohol burner stove

Alcohol Burner Stove

A lot more backpackers and hikers tend to be leaving behind their propane and cylinder stoves at home and make use of the alcohol burner stove. Many of these burners are hand-made out of an aluminum beverage can, so, that makes them very inexpensive. Backpackers like them, because they are lightweight, portable, simple to use, trouble free, and easy accessibility of the fuel. Furthermore, there is definitely no pumping or even priming. They will burn denatured alcohol that can easily be located in any home improvement, paint, or hardware retail store. Just fill up the stove with alcohol, put a match to it, and your all set to cook.

Some of the features are:

  • Boils water in about 5 minutes
  • Make a hot drink with a tomato can and a piece of wire for the handle
  • The picture shows stove and pot stand weights 1.2 oz.
  • Fuel capacity 2 oz.
  • Approx. burn time is 14 minutes
  • Ideal for fondue, one-pot meal, or dehydrated food

The alcohol burner is a must if you are a backpacker or a hiker.


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