A Midland Two Way Radio Gives Good Performance

Midland 2-Way Radio

Midland 2-Way Radio

The Midland Two Way radio needs to fit the use. This radio is not to entertain the kids in the backyard tree house. These radios are good for hiking, camping, beach, hunting, skiing etc. They are of course sold in pairs and have different mile ranges. Remember, the mile range is for open areas with little or no obstructions (like mountains, trees, buildings). Most are water resistant. You also need to think about battery power and recharging. Do you have access to electricity where you will be using it?

Some units you can get hands free mic, voice activated, or headphone jacks, which could be a benefit, if your hands are hanging on to a tree root for dear life or some other emergency. Then we can talk about channels, frequency band waves, squelch, and all the physics of the radio. But remember what your real use is going to be, for your Midland Two Way radio. And usually you get what you pay for.

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