A Camping Coffee Percolator Can Make A Great Cup Of Joe

Chinook Coffee Percolator

Chinook Coffee Percolator

A camping coffee percolator can help make the job of making coffee a little easier. It is so hard to roll over out of that warm cozy sleeping bag to the cool morning air to fix that cup of joe. You have to get the fire going, whether it be stirring the ashes or lighting the camp stove.

Most camping coffee percolators are either porcelain or stainless steel heavy gauge construction. The stainless steel one has a heat insulated handle. Percolators have precision fitting lids and a seamless pot for brewing great coffee. The coffee is made by boiling water through the grounds until the required strength is reached. Just remember to take the right size, whether it be a 6,8, or 12 cup camping coffee percolator. And if you make the coffee for all the ones who like their morning cup of Joe, maybe, someone else will make breakfast!

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