The Slumberjack Sleeping Bag Is Perfect

Slumberjack sleeping bag

Slumberjack sleeping bag

Slumberjack sleeping bags have been made for over 50 years. That should tell you something. I think they make some of the most comfortable, cozy, and warm sleeping bags made. Sleeping in one of those bags is almost as comfortable as sleeping over at Grandma’s house.

The Slumberjack has a two-layer construction of poly cotton with an additional removable layer. That way it can be washed and ready to go on your next trip. They are durable and made for the whole family in mind. You can take two rectangular bags of the same size and zip them together, just for those sweeties.  They make a roomy mummy bag and a rectangular bag. They have a bag for any season or even large or tall people. The Slumberjack sleeping bag is a must for any camper, hiker, backpacker, who wants the perfect reliable sleeping bag.

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