Midland 2 – Way Radio – Tech Toy Features To Consider


Midland 2-Way Radio

Midland 2-Way Radio

The Midland 2 – Way Radio is a good radio to take just about anywhere you go. One fun way to use the radio to communicate is if you and a friend are out taking photographs in the woods. Or if you’re out on the lake in kayaks, to let each other know what is around the next bend, or if you snag a problem, or get separated.

Here are some of the features I would look for:

  • are the speakers clear
  • how many channels – for privacy
  • weather reporting
  • AM/FM radio
  • easy to read buttons
  • can you handle with one hand
  • weight
  • belt clip
  • water resistant
  • mic and headphone jack
  • silent operation
  • keypad lock
  • transmission range
  • channel scan
  • rechargeable batteries & charger (included or not)
  • Hi/Lo power settings

Whatever Midland 2 – Way Radio you decide on taking is a perfect addition to any camping, fishing, skiing, hunting, boating, or own your own property usage. It could even be a lifesaver.


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