Lensatic Compass And A Good Map Of The Area Is Kept With Me When I Hike And Go Backpacking

lensatic compass

Lensatic Compass

Lensatic Compass and a good map of the area is kept with me when I hike and go backpacking. One of the most important things to avoid when you are out hiking is getting lost. Each year, many hikers end up lost in the dangerous areas around local hiking trails, putting them at risk. When I go out hiking, I make sure that I am prepared so that I can find my way back to the trailhead if I do end up getting lost somehow when I am out hiking.

To make sure that I am as safe as I can possibly be, I pack all kinds of extra food, outdoor camping firestarter, an emergency blanket and water that I could use if I did get lost. To prevent myself from getting lost to start with, I make sure that I bring my lensatic compass and a good map of the area so that I can use landmarks to help me to get back to the trail if I somehow end up off of the trail.

Learn To Read A Compass Before You Go

Many hikers may carry a compass, but don’t really put it to good use. Best to learn the techniques of how to read a compass. And a map, before you really need to use it. The case or top of the compass is used to help get your bearings. There is a metal loop for your thumb to fit in and the dial needs to be level as possible. Raise to eye level and focus on a distant object. There is a sighting wire and then read the degrees of the distant object. Also, the dial will always point to dew North. If it is still daylight you can look at the sun to help get an idea of your direction.

Having the right kinds of items with me makes it so that I am able to hike without any worries about getting lost. Being out there with all of this gear means that I will have the best chance of staying safe. No matter what ends up happening when I am out there.

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