Is The Bear Grylls Knife Real Or Just For Show

Bear Grylls Knife

Bear Grylls Knife

There is a former Soldier named Bear Grylls, on TV that uses his Bear Grylls Knife for survival. The handle of this knife has his initials in orange with a grippy rubberized coating. In your hand, it feels good and balanced. The blade is a tung stainless steel blade with a partially serrated blade for sawing. The knife has a small emergency whistle on a lanyard cord. There is a sharpening stone. At the base of the handle is a stainless steel pommel for hammering. It has a fire starter striker notch incorporated into the back of the knife blade.

On the nylon sheath there is land to aircraft instructions printed out on how to communicate, also there is a waterproof survival guide. Plus you can lash it to a stake and create a spear with the two small holes in the handle. If Jim Bowie had the Bowie Knife, why can’t he have his Bear Grylls Knife?

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