Hiking Backpacks Can’t Wait To Shop For My Summer Trip

So, many hiking backpacks, how do you choose which one? I have been looking forward to a great summer trip to Colorado that I have been planning with my family. Since my brother and I live across the country from our parents, we don’t get to see them very often.

hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks

Our parents both have very busy work schedules. It is very hard for us to all get together since we all work full-time.

Our parents used to be able to fly over and visit us every few months and now we are only seeing them twice a year or so. It has been hard to not see my parents and the upcoming summer trip we have been planning will be a great chance to catch up. We are all getting together at one of our favorite Rock Mountain National Park that we have been to in the past.

The national park is in Colorado and I have been shopping hiking backpacks for the hike that we are planning to do. We are planning to go on a long hike and stay the night at a campsite and then hike back. Finding a good backpack is important since I don’t have a real hiking backpack. I can’t wait to find one that will be my buddy not only for the trip but for many trips to come.

Finding the right hiking backpack with adjustable straps for proper fit is one of the features I am looking for. Also, I want a hiking backpack that is big enough to carry all my stuff. A hydration reservoir is another feature that I am wanting. So I want it to be lightweight with the ability to keep everything organized. I have a few weeks to decide on the right hiking backpack for me. Then I will hike around the neighborhood with it loaded with my stuff to get used to it. I will also practice packing different items to see what needs to go and what doesn’t.






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