What Is A Sog Fasthawk

Sog Fasthawk

Sog Fasthawk

Our Native Americans know what a sog fasthawk is used for. It is a tomahawk. They used it to chase the white man. Remember, it was their land first. We still use their invention today.

We can use the tomahawk for splitting wood, target practice, throwing, a hammer, signaling for help, kill wild animals. Could use one if you need to start a fire, by striking against a flint rock to make sparks. It is lightweight, easy to handle for whatever you decide to use it for.


– Length: 12.5”
– Head Length: 6.5”
– Edge Length: 2”
– Weight: 19 oz.
– Steel: 420 Stainless
– Finish: Black Oxide
– Edge: Straight
– Handle: Ballistic Polymer
– Comes With: Nylon Sheath

Even my mother keeps an ax in the kitchen pantry. She grew up in the country, maybe, she had to chop wood. I don’t know and I am not asking! Or maybe it is used for “zombie killin”, well I guess you could use it for home use, too. So now you know what a sog fasthawk tomahawk is and what it is used for.

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