How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter

How to use a magnesium fire starter. If you are like me, sometimes a little instruction helps. You ask yourself how in the world am I suppose to start a fire with this thing?

This Magnesium fire starter is perfect for a backpack, pocket, vehicle, camping, boating. Use as a backup fire starter. Have you ever gotten matches wet, or can’t find your lighter, or in need of an emergency fire for survival? It is best to have more than one type of fire starter when you go on any outdoor adventure.

Instructions For Using A Magnesium Fire Starter

It shows you have the magnesium block in one hand and take a knife, turn the blade upward at about 90° angle and scrape to make a pile of shaving about the size of a quarter.

Next, turn the magnesium block over with the sparking insert up at a 45° angle and using the back side of your knife (not the blade). Then scrape the magnesium block to make sparks to sit your tinder on fire.

First of all, gather your tinder like twigs, dried grass, leaves, birds nest, paper, oil-soaked cloth, dryer lint, ahead of time. This way you can keep adding tinder to build up your fire. Before trying to start your fire, gather more wood than you think you might need.

Also, start your fire in a clearing so you don’t set everything thing on fire. 

In conclusion, knowing how to use the magnesium fire starter, could save a life in an emergency situation for comforting heat, cook food, and drying your clothes.  Takes a little practice to get the hang of it.

How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter

How To Use Magnesium Fire Starter

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