A Flint Fire Starter Is Best In Any Weather

A flint fire starter is best in all kinds of weather conditions. This kind of fire starter uses a flint or a certain kind of rock. In Texas, flint is found at Georgetown. It is the kind of rock that arrowheads and spear points were made. Some flints are made from quartz or limestone found just under the surface of the ground.

The fire starters today are made from high carbon steel like a(knife, hack saw blade) for striking your sparking rock (flint). There are several different manufacturers like Tex Sport, Primus, Gerber, etc. But they all work on the same principal. A flint fire starter is more reliable, because matches can get wet and break. And a lighter can freeze up in really cold weather or leak fluid.

The flint fire starter is small, compact, durable and effective for backpacking, camping, tackle box, hunters and for survival.


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